Munich, Germany – SpringFest

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Beer, pretzels and hot dogs, oh my! I might have claimed a few other locations such as Dublin for St. Patty’s Day or Ibiza for study abroad weekend were drunk fests, but after this weekend… I am proven wrong. Munich for Springfest wins as the ultimate drunk fest of study abroad 2016. When we arrived at the site, it reminded me of a state fair, lots of rides, carnival games and fair food. We rode a few and took a few cute photographs, but then we headed for the real reason why we came… The beer halls.


The beer halls were insane. Everyone was dressed in his or her XX and each person had a liter of beer in their hand. Everyone was standing on top of their table, singing along to the German tunes while swaying their beers from side to side. It was constantly like this for the entire weekend so I’m just going to write about a few funny highlights/suggestions.


  1. Steven and I wanted to take a seat to drink our last beer of the night. As we were enjoying ourselves, whoever was sitting on the opposite end of the bench got up, which made our bench completely flip over and bam! We were on the floor.
  2. If you’re thinking about going to Munich while abroad, only do so if Springfest or more importantly, Oktoberfest is occurring because of not, the city will be dead – there’s not really much else to do here except visit the BMW museum and a concentration camp.
  3. The food is either interesting/scary or DELISH!! Try the roasted chicken, potatoes, pretzels with mustard, hot dogs and chocolate covered strawberries… Trust me, you’ll be licking your plate clean.
  4. Every tent is fun, but each tent is full of different types of people. The blue and white tent is all study abroad students. The XX is the most popular/crazy. And the XX is full of locals.
  5. Last tip of advice, dress up! It’s honestly part of it and you’ll feel out of place in your normal attire. Skip the long lines and pricey tags and buy your costume at your local party city instead of purchasing an expensive outfit to wear once.


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