Ibiza, Spain

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I took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool. Lol, jk, no I didn’t. But I did go for a crazy party weekend! It was a short flight, but quite the scary landing. Our plane flipped completely on its side on accident, we almost landed in the water and my stomach dropped probably ten times, but we still somehow managed to land safely. It was so scary that the flight attendant immediately got onto the intercom and sang, “Hello, it’s me…. On behalf of our pilots, is it too late now to say sorry?” and then continued to play a congratulatory song to thank the pilots for at least getting us on land safely.


Once I arrived to the hotel, Steven was waiting for me outside. I got all checked in and caught up with him just to have a little alone time. After two hours, we got ready and decided to join the pool party, which just so happened to be occurring right outside of our hotel room. It was so nice to see everyone again. Later on that night, we went to a club called Es Paradis, which is now on my top 10 list for best clubs in the world. They had a great DJ, I had great company and then at 4:30am water started falling from the roof turning the crazy party into a nighttime pool party!


The next morning we all went to the bay to abroad our booze cruise. This was an actual crazy experience. Everyone was pushing and shoving to get on boat 2 because it had the better DJ and all of “popular kids”. Once aboard, the boat was so rocky. You literally couldn’t stand up because people were falling in every direction due to the waves. But that didn’t stop these kids from having a good time – everyone embraced the added rollercoaster effect and danced the day away regardless.


It was 5:30pm – Steven and I still haven’t ate anything today so we found this little restaurant near the boats dock and ordered a hamburger with French fries. Once we ordered, we realized the entire meal (2 burgers, 2 fries and water) would be $7 total. That made us extremely worried and we contemplated leaving, but we were starving and already ordered so we stayed. Steven tried a bite and immediately felt sick. He ended up throwing up for the rest of the night and I stayed in to take care of him. We stayed up all night talking and he finally told me how he truly feels about me. Steven told me that he is in love with me tonight. I will never ever forget this feeling.







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