Budapest, Hungary

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As soon as we arrived in Budapest, we got ready and went to the Central Synagogue, which is the second largest Synagogue in the world. It was so refreshing coming to a European city and seeing a beautiful building that represented my religion rather than another church. As you probably know, Budapest was very involved in World War 2 and they have a lot of history and memorials around the city. The entire interior of the Synagogue included a courtyard with thousands of memorials of Jews killed in Budapest during the Holocaust. We continued our journey honoring those brave souls by visiting the shoes on the Danube Promenade Memorial. These shoes represented the lives of those killed in that exact space next to the river so their bodies would just fall into the river and the Nazi’s would no longer have to worry about cleaning it up. It was heartbreaking to see, but I am so glad I went because we can never forget to honor those precious lives lost by such an evil man and war.

Later on, we went to the top of Gellert Hill to visit the Buda Castle. We waited there until dusk so we could see the Parliament building and the Chain Bridge light up along the Budapest skyline. It was absolutely gorgeous! After we got over the insane view, we headed to a bar called XX to meet up with Montana and wish her a happy 21st birthday! We then continued the party at a club called Parlmnt in VIP. The club was fun, but again incomparable to Barcelona. We eventually finished the night with a bar created inside of ruins called Szimpla Kert. If you are in the area, I highly suggest making a pit stop because it just makes taking a shot or sipping on a cocktail that much cooler.

It was 4am and we were finally getting back to the air bnb. I was so excited to get into something comfy and FaceTime my boyfriend to tell him about my night. I go into my purse to take out the key and… uh oh! The key is on the kitchen table and the door is locked. Nat was being bitchy and yelling at me, but I did my best to ignore her and figure out a solution instead of basking away in the problem. I found a locksmith who was still awake and willing to come down. He was thankfully able to break the lock and replace it with a new one, but unfortunately that meant all new keys. But we all paid for it and acted as if nothing even happened.

The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast. Nat forgot her wallet in the room so she asked Julia for the keys. Upon return, Nat realized she forgot the keys in the room so we had to call the locksmith yet again to break the lock, put on a new one and receive all new keys. Julia and I were not happy and could not stand being there so we left for a nice spa day at the Szechenyi baths. These baths look like modern days Las Vegas pools, but they are actually hot spring ruins that have been used to bathe the rich for centuries. Julia and I had fun dipping into the different temperature pools and saunas before our massage, which was so amazing! Later that night we went back to the baths for a Sparty! (AKA spa party). It was a lot of fun at first – great DJ, awesome decorations and tasty drinks, but as the drinks kept flowing, so did the men population confidence and it eventually got so creepy, we decided we were done and left a little early. All in all, I had a great experience in Budapest and I feel like I saw the highlights, but I wish I could have spent just a few more days in the two cities so I will definitely be back.

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