Television Host. Journalist. Model.

Madison Brodsky has years of experience in the entertainment and journalism industry, working for some of the top industry agencies.


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Television host, model, fashion blogger, entertainment journalist and University of Arizona student, Madison Brodsky offers you a dedicated reporter who will bring innovative and creative ideas to the table. After all, where would any reporter be without taking risks to prove her worth in this business?

It was my first day at NBC and all of the nervous interns were sitting in a corner. I walked in and was immediately intrigued by all of the reporters sitting at a large table ready to discuss story pitches and deadlines. I looked back at the other interns and decided to risk joining the reporters with a list of story pitches I had come up with the night before. Tom, the news editor, was so impressed with my initiative, he allowed me to go on scene and report by myself for one of my own story ideas.

​I can offer you a reporter who will follow the rules and exceed your expectations. Though I am only a junior, I have already begun to develop my résumé. I began my journalism career writing for the Arizona Daily Wildcat, a student-run newspaper covering the University of Arizona, and the following summer completed a reporting internship with the NBC-affiliate in Tampa, Florida. Both of these positions required creativity, positivity, commitment, confidence and honesty.

​During my first two years of reporting, I have covered entertainment features, as well as other beats. These experiences have given me the opportunity to grow as a journalist and play around with different forms of writing and reporting as I covered subjects as diverse as a private tasting at a five-star restaurant grand opening to an officer-involved shoot out, from my vantage point in a helicopter. One of the most memorable experiences thus far has been getting to interview sources about Tariq Abukhdeir’shomecoming after he was brutally beaten and arrested by Israeli soldiers. This story encompassed breaking news, national coverage and emotional response and left a lasting impression.

I also have a passion for culture and travel so I am extremely accustomed to being thrown into a variety of settings that could be uncomfortable or even too good to be true. An example of a very uncomfortable situation was a few summers ago when I traveled to Costa Rica by myself dedicating my summer to Habitat for Humanity to build homes for the less fortunate. I was thrown into five-star hotels, as well as tents with no comfort whatsoever. My personal favorite was meeting the people there. Some Costa Ricans make less than a dollar a day and yet inspire everyone around them to stay positive and work for everything they want in life. This outlook has stuck with me ever since and inspires me to work harder every day to achieve my dreams in broadcast journalism.

I’ve been so determined to work on the red carpet that I created my own opportunity to travel to Los Angeles to report at LA Fashion Week in March of 2015 and let me tell you, the experience was amazing! As soon as I heard,“Lights, camera, action!” I knew this was exactly what I was born to do.

Since then, I have had amazing opportunities to travel all over the world to report from Bermuda Fashion Week to the Teen Choice Awards to the red carpet premiere of Fox’s top-rating show, Empire. But here’s the thing, this is all just the beginning. As Kevin Hart once said, “everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put the work in.” I’m passionate about the fashion industry and the entertainment world and possess the drive and motivation to improve every day.