From Learning To Read To Reading To Learn

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It takes eight years for a child to learn how to read and the clock begins to tick the moment he or she is born. The rush is a direct result from studies that prove that 90 percent of a human’s brain development occurs by a child’s fifth birthday.


Parents are encouraged to talk, sing, read and play with their newborns to help lay a solid foundation for their child’s future success. But due to low funding and lack of knowledge, one in three students who are currently enrolled in Tucson Unified School District cannot read at their grade level.


Local non-profit organization, Make Way For Books specifically targets students in preschool through third grade. Their goal is to have 85 percent of these children read at grade level by third grade in 2020.


“I think we have had a great impact,” family literacy program manager at Make Way For Books, Natalia Hoffman said. “I think a lot of the schools we work at have been able to create a culture of literacy and foster this love for reading in the children. We have also seen a lot of parents become so empowered when they can see results that they are doing well by their children. It’s just really transformational.”


Hoffman also believes getting children involved in early literacy programs will help them develop basic skills that will support them to keep up with TUSD’s requirements.

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